Thursday, May 23, 2013

Role of Voluntary Organizations in Community development in Nigeria Submitted by Ekweruo Chigozie Kenneth. Bsc. Pub.Administration & L.G Studies University Of Nigeria Nsukka

Community development entails the provision of infrastructural facilities to the people. The provision of these social amenities can be attained through a number of ways and/or organizations which includes, the government, community development associations, Voluntary Organizations.
A Voluntary Organization or Volunteers Organization is any organization that uses the human resources of volunteers for achieving its main purpose.
Community participation can be facilitated by the use of voluntary organizations. The importance of voluntary organizations with regards to community participation lies in the fact that the mobilization of resources and support for any type of development activity does not necessarily involve the totality of the people in a project community at the same time. Their full involvement can be achieved through the instrumentality of existing voluntary organizations.
Voluntary organization abound in Nigeria communities. They include religious organization, Youth clubs, cultural organizations, village/town unions, age groups etc. These Organizations can be useful in enlisting the support of various groups like traders, farmers, Landlords, Youths, Women etc. They can equally contribute necessary human, material and financial resources for development purposes.
This Seminar paper therefore examines the roles of Voluntary organizations in Community development in Nigeria,their challenges and the need for government to partner with them in order to achieve the targeted objective in our rural communities.

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